"SAMASTI" - A Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) Public Charitable Organization, is incorporated to reach better collective outcomes by bonding and  bridging, inculcating the essence of oneness and togetherness, moving forward together in creating an engaged community.  To provide a forum where the Asian Indian Community members living at Folsom Ranch can make an effort to learn their community’s social and natural history, and make connections between their particular area of interests and broader civic concerns. They should be able to reach out to everyone and participate in artistic and cultural collaboration, and community events, engage in discussions about what they value and develop actions for addressing the problems at hand.

“SAMASTI (समष्टि, समस्ति) in Sanskrit means Collectiveness, Collective Existence, Totality, and Equal


“SAMASTI at Folsom Ranch is a governing and programming body which provides a quality and equitable platform for the residents of Folsom Ranch who have an interest in the Indian culture to shape the cultural behavior within and become good citizens. 


The specific and primary purposes are to operate the SAMASTI as a Non-Profit Charitable Organization of Asian Indians at Folsom Ranch, Folsom CA 



This is a social network formed by many volunteers. Alongside our cultural representations, SAMASTI  also hosts/coordinates