Human Services and Social Work

Human service focuses on broader work needed for the community. This tends to be more related to activities in a community based setting, providing a Service to Society. Particularly in times of crisis. It is designed to help people navigate through crisis or situations where they feel they need external help and guidance to alleviate stress and change to help them function at their highest capacity.

Social work is primarily with focus to help one-on-one with the member of a community and help that they need to improve their lives. Such as the difficulty they are facing is an internal challenge like depression, a physical ailment or disability or other physical health or mental crisis.

Samasti will recruit volunteers, train and educate them to provide the following to help the needy in the community :

  • Providing vocational training

  • Re-engagement in education

  • Parenting classes for young parents

  • Counseling groups or individuals in dealing with chronic illness, loss of a loved one or substance abuse

  • Helping to connect individuals with community and government resources around financial, health or insurance issues

  • Creating/developing and implementing community events such as

        • to raise awareness in identifying chronic abuses in the society ( substance abuse, child abuse, elderly abuse, domestic violence etc) and seek help.

        • Medical advisory health fairs

        • Financial responsibility seminars

        • Retirement planning seminars etc.

This committee of the Samasti will be the liaison with all community partners in the areas of Human Services and Social work.