COVID - 19

As the COVID-19 continues to surge throughout the world, every country is facing unprecedented challenges. The strain on governments is extreme, and the impact on people all over the world continues to grow.

Really, we don’t want to see what’s happening in China, Italy, Spain etc happen in United States. It can happen anywhere in US and it can happen quickly. In United States, the number of known cases is doubling about every four days. Every community member has to step up and play a significant role in curbing the spread of the virus.

Our first step would be is to take proactive measure to protect our own family and community at Folsom Ranch. Fighting the coronavirus requires multi-prong approach not just from the governments but from every one of us. People will need to socially distance themselves, but it also calls on community members to help one another—and that’s exactly what’s taking place all around the globe.

We believe the best role for SAMASTI right now is to help create a forum for the community to share where they see opportunities to assist government administration, health care, essential service providers etc. SAMASTI will continue to assess as this crisis evolves. Meanwhile we would like to get started on the following :

1) Form neighborhood volunteer groups (one or two volunteers for every 25 households/families) helping to inform the community on the risks and needed steps

2) Work with City administration and citizens on disaster response strategies

3) Building trust between government and citizens, and reaching out to vulnerable members with information they need.

4) Providing emotional support and sharing lifesaving information on how to protect oneself from the virus.

5) Researching and standardizing on Digital platforms or apps to keep community members informed

6) Tackling misinformation and disinformation online

  • A Whatsapp/Facebook bot that answers questions about prevention, symptoms, and general information from city services about COVID-19

7) Assisting civil societies /organizations in preparing and distributing emergency relief items like masks, hand sanitizers, meal kits and prevention kits to at-risk individuals

8) Platform for healthcare people and Essential Services people who still have to work to find help to take care of kids or do some groceries

SAMASTI will keep updating this page so the Folsom Ranch Community and volunteers can use them as they see fit.

Please email Human Services Chair to join the Volunteer group at