Kids Art Competition 2022 - Winners

Group A


Theme: The Best Earth

Judge Feedback: The characters in this drawing are happy and the art work is colorful. Nice Job!

Arohi Patel

Theme: Save the Earth!

Judge Feedback: This art work has some shape cut outs to illustrate nature and some ideas of how to beautify our Earth. Wonderful ideas!

Sara Varerkar

Theme: Save Earth for Better Future

Judge Feedback: The mixed media of painting and markers on canvas is nice and vibrant. Ideas are shared on how to make Earth a better place for our future. Very good!

Group B

Sahil Shende

Theme: Future of Mother Earth

Judge Feedback: This is a very impressive piece of art! The Earth is split in half, one side shows the negative impact of certain things humans do. The other side shows the beauty of Earth when people make conscious decisions about how to take care of our environment. The detail is incredible!

Jethri B.

Theme: My Dream Earth

Judge Feedback: A colorful world, half crystal blue ocean, and the other half vibrant greenery. Pretty!

Mithil Biswal

Theme: The Future is in Our Hands

Judge Feedback: Neat display that depicts the world as a polluted space, and contrasts it with what the world could be like if we took care of it - Pretty blue skies and clean air. Furthermore, it shows the ocean polluted with trash, then contrasts it with how happy the sea life could be with clean water if humans put trash in its proper place. Neat ideas here!

Group C

Smruthi Arun

Theme: My Dream About the Earth's Future: Pollution Free Earth

Judge Feedback: Gorgeous acrylic painting on the canvas. Beautiful mountains behind a lake and a lot of greenery to show a clean Earth. I can picture myself inside of this art, swimming in the lake!

Ryan Parmar

Theme: Future of Earth

Judge Feedback: This is an incredibly unique drawing with futuristic characters and robots, flying cars, a Hyperloop Tram, showing that technology can lead us to a brighter future on Earth. Humans and robots co-exist to make the world great! Such a cool perspective!

Vatsalya Narayanaswamy

Theme: A Dried up Land

Judge Feedback: A mixed media piece with markers and colored pencils. This art work takes a very different approach than all of the others. Set in dark brown colors to show land as very dry, villagers working hard to transport water for their daily needs. Young children are also contributing. The characters are shown with their profiles and shadows. Such a beautifully done piece!

Other Submitted Art Works


Theme: Help Save Our Trees

Indu Ayappagari

Theme: Your Choice

Sunita Ganeshmoorthy

Theme: Save Earth

Isha Acharya

Theme: Steps for a Better Earth


Theme: Save Earth